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February 17, 2014

Travelogue Index

Mumbai 2014: Naghmeh, Aliyah, Zal and I went after being away four years.
Mumbai 2010: Naghmeh, Aliyah and I visited Mumbai after a year and a half away. It was Aliyah's first trip; she was 9 months old. I went to Goa for three days for my Campion School 25th class reunion. No travelogue this year.
Mumbai 2008-09: Mumbai after the terrorist attacks and two slide shows of pictures
Bombay 2006-07: Naghmeh and I get married. The story and pictures.
Bombay Goa 2005-06: Naz and Mimo got married and I have some pictures. Also a series of pictures from the trip to Goa and Bombay. No travelogue this year.
U.S. Citizenship September 2005: The story of how I became a citizen.
NYC March 2005: Travel is the Pause Button for Life. A travelogue of a trip to New York City with two albums - The Street and Street Art.
Tokyo Bombay 2004-05: Urban Contrast. A travelogue of my trip to Tokyo and Bombay with a photo album for each city.
Bombay Goa 2003-04: The City and the Surf. A travelogue of my annual trip to Bombay with a side trip to Goa with Mimo and Naz.
Bombay 2001-02: Two Homes, One Heart and a Hopeful Mind. My annual travelogue including the story of Bharat and Mamta's wedding and some photos.
Bombay, Beas, London 2000-01: Weaving the Past Into the Present. Travel adventures for this edition of the travelogue.
Bombay 1999-2000: Mumbai for the Millennium. Vignettes from my annual trip including Rudy - the sequel.
Bombay 1998-99: Planes, Trains, Auto-rickshaws and other Bombay Stories.
Bombay 1997-98: Bombay Talkies.
Bombay 1996-97: Bombay, Dubai, Iran, Beas. The second edition of my annual travelogue.
Bombay 1995-96: Mumbai Missive. My travelogue started as a group email to a few friends.